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The Jürgen Harter Consult is a consulting company with many years of project- and management experience in the property market and building planning sector, located in Korntal near Stuttgart.
Our consulting services include strategic Facility Management, innovative building technique and practice-oriented research and development. It is oriented on practical realisable solution.
Cost-conscious, in-time transactions with high consulting quality is our priority.

As a small company with high experience potential and an extensive network of co-operating partners, we are able to to act quickly and flexibly to client's wishes.
Together with our clients, we develop new ideas, work out innovative solutions and implement them into concrete measurable success.

our consulting services include
  • Strategic facility management and project management
  • Building life cycle analysis
  • Organisation in building operation
  • Innovative building technique
  • Consulting in research and development
  • Transaction of compound projects
  • Quality and know-how management
  • lectures and workshops