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A concept for technical building equipment has a decisive influence to the comfort, the flexibility, the user acceptance and the amount of cycle cost of a building. Innovative building technique uses modern technical solutions to develop a harmonious general system linking the building body, the building facade and the environment. This way it is possible to achieve the ecological, economical and functional requirements on future new buildings and modernisation.
Clear objectives for technical equipment are essential for economical success. We develop the concepts with an innovative, economical solution and ensure transparency concerning conception, investment and efficient management.

Establishment of Quality Management Systems

Through many years of experience in the overall planning with architects, structural planners and planners of building engineering, we know the interactions of involved factors during the entire life cycle of commercial- and industrial buildings, likewise science and laboratory buildings. Our special knowledge of quality-management systems in defining the interactivity between involved parties in the property market sector enables us to advise "beyond the scope" on our clients behalf and to follow an overall approach to solutions.