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Comanies offering innovative and future-oriented products are better positioned in the market.
A variety of research programs from the European community, from the state, county and communities are quite confusing and unclear. In addition an immense administrative expenditure is incurred in carrying out such research projects.

Our research and development service

Our well-founded technical knowledge from project transactions in practical operations is complemented with know-how from science and research. The regular coaching of students in their research and thesis projects and working on research projects at universities and technical colleges assures a continuous supply of innovative and creative ideas and a solution approach.
  • Consulting in the administration of company-specific research and development projects
  • Carrying out of compound research projects in co-operation with universities and technical colleges
  • Preparing research projects for a transparent presentation of results
  • Coaching of co-operation

Lectures and publications

We like to share our practical experience and offer lectures and workshops. You can find a portrait of our publications about current themes under the topic 'References'.